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Poignant, stirring story of a father and son and the stray dog that saved them in more ways than one. -Sr. Rose Pacatte, National Catholic Reporter

This story is of an amazing dog that becomes a watchful eye of the family, who, in turn, treats their dog with love and admiration. It is also a lesson in the power of prayer. -Donna Rolfe, Dove Foundation

“The Stray” is a heartwarming family movie that is wonderfully entertaining, while teaching about love for a pet, love of family and the importance of making time for family along with prayer. - Donna Rolfe, Dove Foundation                    

 The Stray is a great film for kids and adults alike. Its rare to find a film these days that adults and children can enjoy equally, a wholesome film devoid of any lewd references or comments and wholesome in nature. The Stray provides that opportunity for a family night at the theatre. If you love dogs and believe in their power to heal the human soul as I know they do from personal experience gather the kids up, jump in the car and go see The Stray. -Charlie Petrizzo, Founder Project 2 Heal, author 7 Lessons for Healing the Hurt

“This family-friendly film will have dog lovers reaching for the tissues! Shot in the beautiful Colorado countryside, The Stray tells the heartwarming true story of an incredible dog that brings a family back together. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll leave wanting to go home and hug your dog .” -Modern Dog Magazine

This is a sensational movie! It made me want to go out and adopt a stray dog immediately. You will never be the same after seeing this movie.” -Larry King

Faith Leaders

“A poignant reminder of the things that are most important in life. When we give our lives fully to God’s will, He works wonders though and with us.” -Lisa Hendey, CatholicMom.com

“Very touching, tender and faith filled movie. A movie all families can identify with in real life.” - Pastor LeeAnn Pendergrass, My Gathering Place

“It seemed like a personal story that had a lot of meaning to a young boy. I liked the idea of a dog ‘finding a family’ and bringing them together. Beautiful dog!” -Pastor Philip Wagner, Oasis Church

“…the story has a lot of heart to it. The Stray is a great family film. Anyone who has owned a dog can relate to this story. A great message of humility and awe for God and the inspiring ways God enters our lives. You become part of the Davis family through this film.” -Fr. Christopher Bazyouros, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Director of Religious Education

“The story was very touching especially given the fact that it was true. It’s a nice family movie that had a good mix of humor and sadness.” - Venus Fung, aspcaLA

The story makes me want to get a dog! And to thank God every day.” -Anthony Sands, Family Theater Productions

“The movie is magnificent!” -Michael Morrow, PhD, Gideus International, LA Camp President

“A beautiful story about how God can use tragic circumstances for His good. God can use something imperfect for a perfect purpose.” -Huntington Sachs, Christian Entertainment Guild, Founder

“Love the story of how God changes us and grows us through tragedy.” -Suzy Sachs, Christian Entertainment Guild, Founder

“A very good family film and a story that was well developed. The need for family relationship was clear .. the story is universal.” -Pastor Alvin Hathaway, Sr., Senior Pastor at Union Baptist Church

“I think this is a wonderful testimony of how a man was able to see the bigger script writer than himself in writing the better script for his life. Its is God’s grace in allowing him to have gone through the experience.” -Edward Shih, Christian Media Corp., Director of Business Development

“I want to go home and hug my dogs. Sweet, sentimental, heartwarming, tender, family-oriented, faith-filled.” -Nancy George-Michelson, New York Therapy Animals, Executive Director

“Inspirational. Memorable beyond expectation - proving our pets inspire, love and give us a reason to get up each day. This film was spectacular.” - John Moran, New York Therapy Animals

“Heartwarming, family friendly. Should be shared by all ages.” -Pastor Tim English, Bronx Christian Fellowship

“Dogs crawl into our hearts and under our skin. Pluto became family and his love brought life and happiness into their lives.” -Caroline Lieberman, Herflix.com

“Liked the personal touch of the home videos at the end. Cinematography great. Liked the poem. Enjoyed principal as comic relief.” - Cory Steele, LDS Church, Pastor

“Charming and sweet. Not a fan of dogs usually but this movie just may have turned me into a believer!” - Kristy Steele, LDS Church, Church Staff

“This movie will make a believer out of anyone; a believer in prayer and a believer in dogs.”  - Stefanie Kiester, LDS Church, Church Staff

“Believable, realistic, well acted, well done. I would recommend it and will see it again. The experience brought the boys together as well as the family. It’s a subtle but truthful faith film.”  - Kay Michaelis, Colorado Christian Fellowship, Pastoral Counseling

“Very touching inspirational movie. The fact that it’s true makes it even better.” - Jerry Fearn

“Love the life changes; hones family life and struggles, relationships and restored lives.” - Sandy Lucks

“I enjoyed the movie. The story was not embellished, which is unusual for a film today. The story is about a stray dog, yes . . . but it is about much more than that. It is about the protection of God in the life of an American family.” - Craig Jentink

“Wow! I really enjoyed this movie. Grew up with dogs and so did my children. I cried in this movie almost as much as during “A Dog’s Purpose.” Animals are a gift from God and a wonderful asset to our families. Our furry family members are awesome.” - Mercelle Seale, Colorado Christian Fellowship

“I love a movie based on a real story, especially this one. It is very obvious Pluto was God’s messenger of LOVE. The scenery was beautiful. BLESS YOU! Marilyn Chambon – Counselor, Woodmen Valley Church

“Sweet story; great message for families; Dogs are a special gift from God and for our family, truly a part of our family. The movie touched my heart.” Kirby Lowry – International Administrator, YoungLife

“A heartwarming film that the whole family will enjoy. We need more movie like this.” Brad Dick – New Life Church

“Really great movie that touches the heart. Great reminder of what priorities need to be in place in our lives. Slow down and enjoy life.” Peter Sahhar – Therapist, Healing Harbor Counseling

“Incredible miracle. If I didn’t know it was a true story, I almost wouldn’t believe it. Loved the adaptation to film. Thank the Lord for the way He cares for us. He knows what we need.” Jeanette Apodaca – Pastor’s Wife, Amazing Grace Fellowship*

“This is a beautiful story which touched the most profound issues of life. You need to see and experience this film!” Gary Barkolow – Founder, The Noble Heart

“The story was inspirational and heartwarming. We enjoyed watching the story of the Davis family unfold and felt a connection with their journey. Two thumbs up for the story.” Lance Howard – Trinity Church of the Nazarene

“A terrific film about what matters most and those people and animals that remind us. The family feels real, the trials felt real, the conversations right on. Real Life.” Bonnie Hart – Business Owner and CCA/CSNS Stake – Young Women’s Ministry

“Heart piercing! Thank you for the gift of this story. I appreciate the foreshadow scene at the beginning of the film – it prepared me for what was to come.” Mike Riester, Ma rketing, ACSI

“Wonderful movie. Tender yet humorous and very true to life. Emotional w/o being predictable and overwrought. The photography was beautiful. The story was well paced, easy to follow and no spots that dragged. I can’t wait for my family to see this movie!” Sandy Howe – LDS Church

“Heart warming, heartfelt, makes you think about the family in all parts. A must see. A great way to bring a family together. Love the true story and to meet the man in person to fully understand. It was great he used his testimony of survival.” Samuel Harris – Senior Pastor, House of Refuge Christian Center


Great family film! Reminds me of the good old fashioned storytelling like the films I grew up watching. Full of heart and redemption and inspiring moments.” Zina Bell, Salem Communications

“Nicely done! This movie is funny and moving. This is the kind of film that is great for the whole family on a Sunday afternoon.” -Mayra Brown, Immaculate Heart Radio

“A good film about a family caught up in everything that could tear them apart and how a dog brought them together and made the ultimate sacrifice for them.” -Ann Augherton, Arlington Catholic Herald (managing editor)

“Moving family film.” - Josh Shepherd, Christian Headlines

“Well-written, witty, and funny.” - Michelle Vu, Christian Post, Reporter

“Well done. A realistic look at a family broken and then repaired. A great message with subtle faith.” -Christopher Gunty, Catholic Review

“Wonderful scenery, comic relief, soundtrack and cinematography. Uplifting message about the bond between man and dog.” - Avi Offer, nycmovieguru.com